4-12-22 FC4B with Dirk van Reenen

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We are so excited to spend some time with Dirk, who we all met at IWCA this year. Dirk runs an 'out of the box' team building business - give us a few minutes, and you'll see why Dirk is one to watch in the Home Industry Scene.

Here's a little more about Dirk and his company Bergflow: When you put BERG and flow together you get a company that is driven and built to take on big challenges in the way that we can experience the state of flow when we work. After Founder and CEO Dirk van Reenen's life was turned around by the team he built, a deep fascination was developed for how humans work, communicate, and perform together in the business world.

Bergflow has made it their mission, our focus to help business owners and leaders build better businesses by building the best teams. It's our way of changing the world, one business at a time...

Time Stamp:

📍[6:09]Marketing: What changes with the marketing plan once you get over 1 Million and headed to 10 Million.

📍[7:05]Marketing: What is Marketing?!

📍[7:21]Difference between prospecting and marketing...

📍[7:41]SOG - Services, Operations & Growth

📍[7:57]What is Growth?

📍[9:49]You don't actually need that many clients to get to your goals...

📍[10:09]Don't waste your money if you can't calculate the return

📍[21:13]Talk to your customer base..

📍[22:05]20% of my income comes from 80% of your customer list

📍[24:45]How to have conversations with our clients...

📍[35:09]Imagine if by the 1st of the month you had enough income to cover all of your expenses every single month?

📍[36:01]The 2 x 2 - Block out two hours, twice a week to work on your business....

📍[37:21]You being in the field is costing you money

📍[39:25]If you're in the field you can't run your company. If you want to stay in the field you need to hire a CEO to run your company.

📍[40:45]SOG Model Org Chart: As CEO you have 3 people reporting to you... Directors of Operations, Services & Growth

📍[41:01]You are 3 key hires away from explosive growth

📍[42:21]Get out of the way of your good people...

📍[44:21]How does the RIGHT employee save you and make you more money...

📍[44:49]People are Dirk's specialty at BergFlow

📍[45:05]I am here to help people win

📍[46:13]You have to TRULY care about your people, you have to want them to win, your people are the most important thing about your business....

📍[46:37]Stop calling your people employees - they are your team members/mates

📍[46:57]How to hire the right person, for the right position with the right motivation

📍[47:57]Stress KILLS!

📍[48:17]As soon as possible... start hiring the right people!

📍[50:33]Let's talk about TRUST within your team...

📍[51:29]Taking care of your people is your best dollars spent on marketing

📍[52:29]His hiring system is minimum 3 weeks and 4 meetings for a technician

📍[53:21]You have to have your core values well defined and your non-negotiables...

📍[55:13]Join our accountability group: Fightclub4business

📍[55:37]Marketing: Look at your current client list and survey them

📍[57:21]Book a time with Andrew Miller to send a survey to your customer list: Andrew Miller Strategy Session

📍[58:01]Systems Homework: Include Dirk's 2x2 in your weekly time block

📍[58:21]People Homework: List your non-negotiables and then rate yourself

📍[59:33]Dirk Homework: Pen & Paper - draw out your current org chart - dream 3 years into the future and draw out your future org chart. Include the names - and do a self-check - who on your team is currently performing the way you see your business headed


"Quote of the day"

I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.


Dirk van Reenen: bergflow

Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing

Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting Company Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters

Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers

Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance ExpertQuality Driven Software & Dusting Divas



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