04-13-21 FC4B with Sean Adams - 1 Year BIRTHDAY!!!

podcast Apr 14, 2021

Be sure to join us Tuesday with our guest, Sean Adams!
We're so excited to have him back after a year.
Sean is the owner of Leveraged Life Management
Leveraged Life Management was born out of the frustration of being a high earning business owner & sales professional that saw my after tax dollars go nowhere using traditional financial best practices.
He made it my mission to make these key playbooks of the ultra-rich available to high paid professionals everywhere.
WHAT THEY FOCUS ON: The Five Levers of Wealth
✅ Guaranteed Growth
✅ Tax Advantaged
✅ Non Correlated (no stock market risk)
✅ Liquidity - access to your money whenever you want it
✅ Protection - shielded from creditors, bankruptcy and ensuring a legacy plan for your family

Websites Mentioned

📌 https://www.linkedin.com/company/70419938
📌 https://www.instagram.com/leveragedlifemgmt/ 

📌 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhkJD8ucOvmHbdXf5T2dxA 


Sean Adams with Leveraged Life Management
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