06-08-21 FC4B with Logan Shinholser

podcast Jun 15, 2021

The contracting industry is often one of the most overlooked industries when it comes to available resources related to sales and marketing (aka the two things that drive growth).

The day-to-day operations of running a contracting business are hard enough. Having to then learn what it takes to step outside the box and grow your company is another full-time job in itself.

We’re here to help companies that are growth-minded and willing to invest in themselves.

Show Minute Markers:

[13:04] 📌 Systems: EPP (Emotion, Process, Price)
[16:11] 📌 Difference between selling a commodity and selling a feeling
[16:48] 📌 Do you tell your customers your process or do they tell you?
[18:41] 📌 The more options you give people the more confused they get. Paralysis by analysis
[20:12] 📌 People: Are you leading with emotion on your job ads?
[20:55] 📌 The do's and do nots to hiring....
[23:07] 📌 "People don't quit companies, they quit their manager"
[23:22] 📌 Are you a bad manager?
[27:14] 📌 Logan's hiring process: Puts an Ad on Indeed. Has a templated response that asks for a video answering 4 questions. (about 20% respond). About 30% of those will have good answers. He'll interview those 30%. And hire 30% of those he interviews.
[27:21] 📌 Check out Video Ask
[28:47] 📌 "Business is Mindset & Math"
[30:00] 📌 What can you control? Posting on Social Media, Emailing your Customer List, Placing a Yard Sign...
[30:39] 📌 Once you build the system & the process - then you can scale
[32:34] 📌 Track the micro-actions that you take because that's what leads to the big wins.
[33:58] 📌 Where do you start? Articulate your favorite customer ever. Then figure out how to copy & paste them. Figure out how to cater to them specifically.
[34:43] 📌 How old are they? How did they find you? Why do they like working with you? Why did they hire you at that point?
[39:11] 📌 Complete an ideal customer avatar
[39:28] 📌 Finances: What is the value to you of finding an ideal customer
[39:58] 📌 Systems: What's your sales process for your customer? Is it listed on your website?
[40:29] 📌 People Homework: Revisit your job listing and recruiting page. What feelings are you evoking?
[41:19] 📌 Logan's Homework: What is your why? Why do you do what you do? Write down your whys for 5 solid minutes.
[0:00] 📌 "Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." Tony Robbins


Logan Shinholzer with Contractor Growth Network | Contractor Marketing & Sales Services
Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing
Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting Company Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters
Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers
Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance ExpertQuality Driven Software & Dusting Divas


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