1-18-22 FC4B with AC Lockyer

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Born September 26th, 1969 in Miami, Florida, AC Lockyer a third-generation service business entrepreneur. AC is largely accredited for the professional development of the industry known as soft washing. In 1991 AC started a company named Mallard Systems that grew to $4.8 million dollars in revenues, having three branches in Florida and supporting 36 trucks. In 2010 AC started SoftWash Systems, a soft washing supply company specializing in equipment, chemicals, education and support for soft washing businesses. That company has grown to exceed 220 in-network companies, operating in nine countries worldwide, producing in excess of $50 million dollars of soft washing revenues each year. AC's passion is fishing. In the early 2000’s while owning his turnkey soft wash cleaning company, AC decided to become a professional tournament fisherman. In 2006 AC achieved a life-long dream by entering the Redfish Tour with his fishing partner Thresher Klier. In their rookie season, AC and Thresher won the Redfish Tour National Championship. AC is firstly a Christ follower and then husband to his wife Karen and father of Lauren his daughter and AJ his son. Though faith plays a significant role in AC’s life, AC endeavors to be the Christian people are not expecting. Striving to be God centered and investing in others without being religious. Today AC leads Droplet International, a business holdings company that has holdings in the US and abroad with great brands like SoftWash Systems, Disruptor Manufacturing, Phantom Window Works, and Bright & Blue Pool Service. AC travels the world mentoring businesses and speaking at various conferences, growing micro economies and encouraging business development world-wide. Competitive public and extemporaneous speaking 1984 - 1988 FFA. Church organizations 1984 - 2020. Seminar speaking 1992 - 2020. SoftWash Systems Educational Director 2010 - 2020 (32 events each year), Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach 2019. UAMCC Vendor of the Year, PWNA Joe Walters Award Recipient. Florida 100 Company 1998 & 1999, Central Florida Up & Comer 2000. Contributing Author, The WOW Factor 2019. PWNA, SoftWash Systems, Howard Partridge, Softwashapolooza, The Tide Rises in England & AC Lockyer’s ProBizGuide True North POD CAST. [email protected]

Time Stamps:

📍[6:12]Marketing: How AC disrupted the pressure washing industry with soft-washing...

📍[8:09]Marketing: How AC differentiated himself so that it didn't come down to price and how he leveraged it to bring in higher prices

📍[9:37]Book Rec: "Get Different" by Mike Michalowicz GoGetDifferent

📍[10:31]Marketing: The value of rebranding

📍[11:43]30% INCREASE in sales just from the rebrand!

📍[13:16]How 3 small tweaks at a 30% increase each can double a company in one year..

📍[15:53]Math is like Jesus..... It will never leave you or forsake you! -AC Lockyer

📍[20:33]If you doubled your prices...how many customers would you lose?? If it's less than half....its time!

📍[32:18]Places to be disciplined... Payroll, Marketing and exercise delayed gratification

📍[33:08]Systems is a big buzz word... What does systems mean to AC?

📍[34:25]Can you teach someone how to do what you do in one hour?! If not, how can you get there?

📍[36:13]Employee systems, sales systems, production systems, marketing systems...

📍[36:30]Booked out more than 3 days? AC would put another truck on the road...

📍[37:51]Building systems so that nothing ever falls through the cracks?

📍[39:24]Kill it, grill it and put it on the table?

📍[41:16]The 5 Keys to Patterning Success" by AC Lockyer. New book coming out in March!

📍[42:58]AC has a director for every part of his company, he has scoreboards up, so that he can lead, and his people can self-manage

📍[45:19]4 Disciplines of Execution" GoodReads

📍[46:00]Traction" by Gino Wickman GoodReads-traction

📍[48:05]When AC thinks about Employee Systems... He thinks of Carrots on poles... He would run 5 contests every week with $50 cash.

📍[50:11]You have to have a scoreboard that your team can see!

📍[52:42]QDS-Conference 2022

📍[53:09]Coupon code to save $100: FC4B100

📍[55:21]Marketing Homework: Set a 15 minute timer and write out what makes your company different?

📍[56:54]Finance Homework: Raise your prices!

📍[57:31]Systems Homework: Set a timer for 5 minutes record your customer journey and use otter.ai to document it

📍[57:56]People Homework: Do you have a scoreboard for your management team & field staff...

📍[58:23]AC Homework: Follow Up on ALL of your quotes. How many leads are you losing to your competitors?

📍[59:31]You're only losing 1 out of 10 of your clients to your competitors... You're losing to you... 


📍[1:00:24]AC is creating 1,000 million dollar companies by 2040

"Quote of the Day"

'You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around. – Steve Jobs (Apple Founder)


Ac Lockyer:

Gogetdifferent , The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals , Traction 

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