10-04-21 FC4B with Chris Thacker

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Chris started mowing lawns at the age of 12 and has since grown that business into one that is a leader in residential and commercial urban property gardening, lawn mowing and snow removal.

 Show Minute Markers:

 📍 [3:59] Marketing: Having compelling copy on your website

📍[4:21] Marketing: Recapturing past clients as your business grows and develops

📍[4:38]Marketing: What are Chris' favorite marketing avenues?

📍[5:12] Marketing: The power of branding. Everything is purple!

📍[7:08]Marketing: Mostly selling additional services to existing customers and then focusing their sales on bigger accounts (property managers)

📍 [12:09]Chris has routes that are traveled by bikes! Which was started when he was 15 and he was not able to drive yet!

📍 [13:37]By having bike routes he is able to hire employees that do not have driver's licenses and elevate them through the company.

📍 [15:25]Has found an environmentally friendly solution to his most dense routes!

📍 [19:31] Systems: How to tier your services?

 📍[20:50] Systems: give your clients an opportunity to "game" your own system 

📍 [21:08]Systems: Transforming your "shop" to a "SERVICE CENTER"

📍 [21:34] "Process not perfection" Chris Thacker

📍 [23:53]Organizing the Kai-Zen way

📍 [24:10] Read the Toyota Way https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/161789.The_Toyota_Way

📍 [26:31]Systems: Prepping for your seasons - always looking ahead

📍 [27:47] People: The value of having your employee avatar dialed in and balancing what do they want and what do I need?

📍 [28:35]People: How to create a good place to work

📍 [28:49]"We're on the verge of a blue collar revolution" Chris Thacker

 📍 [29:56]People: Our target employees are not aware of career opportunities like this because it's not what we'd typically consider a solid year-round career.

📍 [30:26]People: The importance of listening to your employees well...

 📍 [31:18]People: Listen to what people want and what they need? Then pivot to respond to those wants & needs...

📍 [33:57] Being able to adjust and pivot is one of their core values....

📍 [34:39]"My business stopped being about me a long time ago" Chris Thacker (employer of 100+ awesome people in the winter)

📍 [37:10]Marketing Homework 1: What is your story? How can you incorporate that into your marketing?

📍 [38:14]Marketing Homework 2: Take a look at your client list for one season and incorporate them into your services offered in "off-season"

📍 [42:14]Systems Homework: Read the Toyota Way: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/161789.The_Toyota_Way

 📍 [43:21]People Homework: Are you actively listening to your employees? Think about the problems your employees are often facing, listen to them, and help your team solve that problem...

 📍 [45:07]Finance Homework: Look at your branding (specifically with your work vehicles) what feelings are your customers getting when you show up to a job?

 📍 [46:12]“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford

-Chris' company: https://mowitall.com/-

Quote of the day

"Coming Together is a Beginning. Keeping Together is Progress. Working Together is Success.

- Henry Ford



Chris' companyhttps://mowitall.com/

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