11-1-22 FC4B with Stephen Capps

podcast Nov 07, 2022

Stephen Capps has been there, after losing his wife to cancer and his largest customer all in a ten-month period. To say he was stressed out would have been an understatement; crashing and burning would be a more accurate picture.

After years of struggle and making about every mistake, you can think of in business he learned his lessons mostly the hard way.

If you’re in a nose dive, get ready to Pull Up And Thrive.

Stephen will give you the nuts and bolts of business, the exact things he did that took him from the brink of bankruptcy to debt-free thriving. Learn from the years of wisdom he brings to the mic on every episode of Pull Up And Thrive.


Time Stamps :

📌[7:13]It is called a service business for a reason...

📌[7:44]Know your client's pain points... it's not about you - it's about them...

📌[7:54]You have to speak to the internal problem...

📌[8:47]When you speak to the internal problem, they don't ask how much, they ask when can you come...

📌[10:15]Who is your ideal client? What are their needs?

📌[12:01]"Is where we parked ok?"

📌[12:21]Always wear bootcovers...

📌[16:20]When you answer the phone - don't blow it...

📌[20:30]Business magnifies all of your weaknesses...

📌[20:46]Myths: "It takes money to make money..."

📌[21:09]Myths: "If I buy ______ - I'll make ______"

📌[22:07]All that Stephen knew was hard work.... $200k in Revenue with $50k in past-due accounts payable...


📌[29:41]Cash is the life-blood of your business...

📌[29:53]Buy used. Rent. Stack cash.

📌[33:43]Take debt off the table


📌[34:58]Check out Profit First --> profitfirstbook - Mike Michalowickz

📌[36:05]You learn nothing from the easy button...

📌[37:19]Tackling debt while saving for the future...

📌[38:34]How owners find the grit to work through the dark valleys of despair?

📌[39:20]Hardships & difficulties are a gift...

📌[42:01]Fill your life with activities that nobody sees and that will produce results that everybody sees....

📌[42:10]There are no accidents

📌[44:06] www.stephencapps.com/

📌[45:52]Marketing Homework - are you marketing with care and empathy to your ideal customer?

📌[46:13] Pull Up And Thrive with Stephen Capps

📌[46:22]Pull Up & Thrive Podcast

📌[47:01]Finance Homework: Write down all your debt

📌[48:32]Systems Homework - Check out YNAB You Need a Budget

📌[49:04] Gain Total Control of Your Money™

📌[49:24]Where do you need to be doing the work? What are you doing that nobody sees to improve that?

📌[49:36]People homework is to work on yourself...

📌[50:18]Stephen Homework - Identify the fires that you are constantly putting out? What is the friction that is starting those fires?

📌[52:32]"Grit is having the courage to push through no matter the obstacles because it is worth it"

Quote of the Week

"Grit is having the courage to push through, no matter what the obstacles are, because it is worth it" - Chris Morris

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Gain Total Control of Your Money™

Pull Up And Thrive with Stephen Capps

Check out Profit First --> profitfirstbook - Mike Michalowickz



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