11-23-21 FC4B with Marvin Salcido

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Marvin Salcido founded Salcido Lawn Care. Their services include lawn fertilization and weed control, pest control, weekly lawn mowing, sprinkler repair, and complete landscape maintenance.


Time Stamps

📍[4:48]Marketing: Marvin loves his Facebook Ads

📍[5:00]Marketing: Branding is HUGE for him...

📍[5:38]Marketing: How Marvin made Salcido Lawn a household name...

📍[6:05]Salcido Green was born

📍[9:03]Marketing: The power of getting your name out there. It's our responsibility to let our audience know what we do

📍[16:04]Finance: When you upgrade your appearance it's easier to land jobs

📍[17:15]Finance: Branding is expensive up front and your Acquisition Cost goes down...

📍[18:13]Growth from 1.6mil to over 4mil this year

📍[21:35] Systems: There are a lot of acquisitions happening right now.. He acquired a company that was twice as big as him.

📍[21:52]Systems: How to merge 3 companies in one year

📍[22:24]that time Marvin bought an organic gardening company 

📍[22:59]It took Marvin almost 2 years to make a big acquisition

📍[26:00]He had a strong company culture and he has always treated people like they want to be treated

📍[28:17]How did he train new staff? He meshed the crews... This is the Salcido way. And kept preaching, "We are one company."

📍[30:22]Only vital changes in month one

📍[33:36]Treat people the way you want to be treated...

📍[35:37]You will be more successful if you fight for your employees

📍[38:55]He feeds his team at least once a quarter because he says the way to his guy's hearts is through their stomachs

📍[39:20]He shows up and listens to his team. Asks them about their day/weekend/life is going...

📍[41:02]Every single employee gets vacation pay, sick pay, retirement & life insurance


📍[43:15]Use coupon code FC4B for $50 off

📍[43:44]Marvin celebrates birthdays systematically!

📍[45:14]Marketing Homework: 10 minute exercise and picture yourself in traffic and you see your truck go by. Do you notice it? If you don't spend some time envisioning how you can change it

📍[48:23]Finance Homework: How can you invest in your company with today's dollars to generate future income?

📍[49:21] System Homework: Take a look around your market (it's a good time of year) to be talking to your competition about potential acquisition opportunities

📍[50:58]People Homework: What element of surpise combined with an act of service can you do to engage with your team.

📍[51:36]Send him a message to Marvin Salcido

"Quote of the Week"

Metaphorically, organizations are like vegetable gardens, where each capability is a different type of vegetable growing in the garden.



Marvin Salcido : salcidolawn.com

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