11-8-22 FC4B with Libby Garcia-DeLucien

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Libby is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children: 24, 14 and 4 years old. Libby comes from a family business, so being an entrepreneur has always come naturally. Libby is a Co-Founder of WootRecruit a SaaS company that helps businesses aggressively grow by breaking through their hiring bottlenecks. WootRecruit is currently serving over 300 companies in 10 different Industries around the World.

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πŸ“Œ[5:32]Marketing how did Libby add on services?

πŸ“Œ[6:15]Libby added cleaning services out of demand for them in her organizing business...

πŸ“Œ[8:39]Libby used the service messaging that made the most sense for her clients and then educated them on organizing services...

πŸ“Œ[9:22]The power of education in your marketing..

πŸ“Œ[12:05]If you have a service that people don't easily understand - that's an opportunity to educate them

πŸ“Œ[13:27]Libby is 20 away from 1000 5 star reviews. She has a campaign that says, "Our staff need tacos..." To encourage her clients to give her more reviews to throw her team a taco & tequila party to celebrate. 

πŸ“Œ[19:58]Playbook for Disaster...

πŸ“Œ[20:45]How will you prepare for a disaster?

πŸ“Œ[23:29]Open a google doc - what do you do first? Cover computers, raise furniture, clear the schedules, freeze the accounts, if schools closed, we're closed, where to park company cars, etc...

πŸ“Œ[23:51]The playbook can help empower your staff...

πŸ“Œ[24:15]How to communicate with technicians? How do you communicate with your clients?

πŸ“Œ[25:11]Financially.... Do you have enough emergency funds? Will you pay your staff? How long?

πŸ“Œ[28:33]She fed and served her staff

πŸ“Œ[30:06]Don't miss a good disaster, don't miss a good recession.... She's fully recovered since the disaster...

πŸ“Œ[34:17]Systems that worked - and didn't work....

πŸ“Œ[34:45]What to do if you have no internet? What happens to your phone>

πŸ“Œ[35:49]Get an answering service!

πŸ“Œ[38:36]With loss of internet - google search volume went down... and she pivoted to social media ad spend

πŸ“Œ[39:16]When going through disaster you need to make space to be where you need to be....

πŸ“Œ[40:10]Libby is good at celebrating her staff....


πŸ“Œ[44:19]Even though you may not need words of affirmation - your staff likely do!

πŸ“Œ[45:09]Inspection Rewards Program - a perfect inspection gives them tokens for the things they did right...

πŸ“Œ[45:25]The tokens can be redeemed for things that they want.

πŸ“Œ[47:55]They give out pins to their staff as part of their rewards program.

πŸ“Œ[49:17]Special shirts for Trainers, trainees, etc...

πŸ“Œ[50:14]Next time you're at Waffle House check out their culture...

πŸ“Œ[51:38]Marketing Homework: How are you educating your clients through your marketing?

πŸ“Œ[53:31]Finance Homework (sort of): Develop a "Playbook" for your Disaster Plan. Invite your management staff, and develop a Google Doc "what if" document.

πŸ“Œ[55:19]Finance Homework: Invite your team to sit with you come up with a "What if DRAFT document"

πŸ“Œ[56:23]Systems Homework: Build out trello board for your disaster plan...

πŸ“Œ[56:35]Check out Michelle's trello template: Trello

πŸ“Œ[57:06]People Homework: How do you make your inspections uplifiting?

πŸ“Œ[57:56]Libby Homework: Do videos for your clients re: your systems...

πŸ“Œ[58:35]Libby Homework: Create a video re: your services

πŸ“Œ[58:44][email protected]

πŸ“Œ[58:57]Or find her on Facebook...

⭐Quote of the Week⭐

"Grit is having the courage to push through, no matter what the obstacles are, because it is worth it" - Chris Morris

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