09-22-21 FC4B with Lindsey Kirchner

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2021

Lindsey Kirchner is the Customer Experience Manager at the Contractor Sales Academy. She loves sharing her wisdom with contractors who she supports every day at CSA.

 Show Minute Markers:

📍[8:25] Who has implemented Marcus Sheridan's "They Ask, You Answer" videos on their website?

📍[10:13] On a scale 1-10, how good is your team at educating your client/lead on what to expect?

📍[11:45] Oooh...5 step sales script role play. Who does something similar with their team?

📍[18:29]Have consistent weekly meetings with your management team to decrease communication problems

📍[20:57]How are you incentivizing your sales team? Do your salesmen/saleswomen have the opportunity for up-selling and bonuses ?

📍[24:33]Have your sales team by very clear about your process and what to expect when working with your company. Don't promise the moon just to make the sale!

📍[28:45]Marketing Homework: Get 5 "They Ask, You Answer" videos up on YouTube, Social Media, and your Website

📍[29:33]Finances: Get your people trained and comfortable talking about pricing.

📍[31:37]Systems Homework: Get a weekly management meeting scheduled, if you do't do that already.

📍[33:09]People Homework: Consider a sales incentive program, but be sure to balance with a metric ensuring client retention. This is to avoid selling with false promises in order to make the sale.

📍[33:41]Lindsey's Homework: What is your customer's why?

Quote of the week

The Question you ask are more important than the things you could ever say

-Thomas Freese


Lindsey Kirchner https://contractorsalesacademy.com/

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