09-27-21 FC4B with Danny Kerr

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Danny Kerr is one of North America’s top contracting thought-leaders, assisting hundreds of entrepreneurs every year to build kick-ass, profitable businesses. Hyper-focused by his desire to do better, be better, he started his own contracting business when he was just a teen and by the age of 20 he was leading a franchise company where in just one year he grew sales by 225%. In 2015, he co-founded Breakthrough Academy as a way to open horizons for other contracting entrepreneurs. Breakthrough Academy works with over 400 contractors across the continent, managing over $1.2 billion worth of revenue, and was rated Canada’s 106th fastest growing company by The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business in 2020; BTA’s third consecutive year on the national growth list.


Show Minute Markers:

📍 [7:03] Marketing: From a systems perspective how do you build out a marketing plan?

📍[8:08]Marketing Strategy: What are the traits of the fish we're trying to attract? Where are they hanging out? What type of lure to bring them in? What type of system to capture them?

📍[8:25]Marketing Strategy: Then using analytics to drive decisions...

📍 [15:25]Finances: Why do you start with the money and numbers first?

📍[20:01]KPI Spreadsheet is gamified

📍[22:13]Finances: let's talk budgets!

📍 [22:53]Start with net profit. What do you want to make? Then reverse engineer the plan to get that amount

📍[25:29]Every number in the budget needs a story attached

📍[26:34]Systems: Step 1 - understand what the goal actually is?

📍[26:52]Systems: Breakdown numbers to weekly goals...

📍[27:11]Systems: What's your org structure based on numbers...

📍 [29:07]Systems: Give your people the number.. pivot from boss to coach

📍[29:37]Systems: Step 1 - get out of the paper... set up software and communication...

📍[33:18]Systems: Get a CRM and Financial Tracking System

📍[34:22]Systems: General CRM - Jobber https://getjobber.com/start/

📍[36:36]If you have bigger average tickets check out Job Nimbus... https://www.jobnimbus.com/

📍[37:37]Systems: Do a time audit... Note everything you do in a week - circle the tasks that are taking the highest time consumption and are lowest value then delegate it, automate it or delete it....

📍[38:05]People: When people are a million plus - what people problems could these people have?

📍[39:37]People: Tips on how to transition a good technician to a good leader

📍[39:41]Employees want and need stability

📍[41:03]People: Start with the Org Structure tied back to KPIs and accountability

📍[41:25]Everyone's job should have a number they need to hit attached and that is the employee agreement

📍[41:40]People: Bake your owner expectations into your employee employment agreements...

📍[42:57]Be sure to include deliverables in your employment agreements...

📍 [43:57]People: Hire for personality - not skill... You can train skill

📍[49:55]Danny has some epic resources available for FREE

📍[50:02]Check out Danny's templates here: https://www.btacademy.com/contractor-quick-tools/



Quote of the day

The day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.

-Peter Diamandis



Danny Kerr - https://www.btacademy.com/ & https://www.btacademy.com/contractor-quick-tools/

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