4-18-23 FC4B with Ryan Redding

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2023

Business consultant & marketing strategist with experience in multiple industries and market sectors. Owns a digital marketing company that provides Web Design, SEO, PPC, & Social Media Management to Tier 2 companies. Also has extensive experience in non profit sector. Ryan is an experienced strategist. From change management to leadership development, he has led organizations large and small solve complicated challenges, and exceed goals.

Time Stamps:

πŸ“[6:40]Marketing in the wild...

πŸ“[7:36]What Ryan learned from the ad agency life to his full service marketing company

πŸ“[8:14]How we match advertising to revenue?

πŸ“[9:24]The role of brand identity...

πŸ“[10:27]Your customer doesn't usually think about your company until there's a problem...

πŸ“[13:07]Facebook is the predominate social channel for our target clients, but tik tok is coming up

πŸ“[16:14]Brand Recognition helps leverage your other marketing spend...

πŸ“[16:50]A crappy brand has the tax of higher ad spend

πŸ“[17:16]Shout out to @Dan Antonelli

πŸ“[20:36]Marketing is Cost of Acquisition - the ROI comes from Ops

πŸ“[20:59]Customer Experience is his favorite marketing effort

πŸ“[21:09]From 1st touch to last touch...

πŸ“[26:25]Talk Triggers

πŸ“[26:38]Be Our Guest

πŸ“[27:56]How to start social media as a home service business owners...

πŸ“[28:15]Start a TikTok account - then publish 4 posts a day

πŸ“[28:37]It's a volume game

πŸ“[29:04]Don't focus on quality - go for quantity....

πŸ“[30:31]Snapchat has the best video editing software...

πŸ“[31:11]descript - can repurpose your content across multiple channels


πŸ“[35:12]What is your customer experience?!

πŸ“[36:54]Ryan's favorite places to improve customer experiences...

πŸ“[37:10]your customer's DO NOT care about your customer experience!

πŸ“[39:17]How are you empathizing with your customers?

πŸ“[41:17]All marketing spend to be spent on WOWing customer expectations...

πŸ“[43:30]How are you making your client's feel?

πŸ“[50:35]Are you reducing friction points with your customer?!

πŸ“[52:30]Join our Facebook Group for homework help --> fightclub4business - Join now!!

πŸ“[57:28]Marketing homework - Do you first short form video

πŸ“[57:47]System homework - Download Descript

πŸ“[58:14]Ryan homework - why is your client calling you?

πŸ“[58:38]Read "Building a Story Brand" by Donald Miller


πŸ“[59:37]book a call!

Quote of the week

"Fight for Things You Care about But Do It in a Way That Will Lead Others to Join You -Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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