4-19-22 FC4B with Ryan Lee

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Ryan Lee is an entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah who has started and grown several multi-million dollar businesses.

After selling his Landscape Lighting business in 2019, he founded the world's first coaching program dedicated to the landscape lighting industry. His mission is to help landscape lighting contractors gain freedom from their businesses by teaching them proven sales & marketing systems. He has personally sold over $15M worth of products and services over his career.

Ryan's passion for success and ability to start and grow businesses has led him to this point in his life to be a mentor to other business owners looking to gain financial freedom through their business.

Time Stamps :

📍[2:37]Good Morning Paul! Thank you for joining us this morning!

📍[5:37]The key to sales is getting in front of people who already want what you offer...

📍[6:33]Putting himself in front of qualified buyers really helped increase his conversion rate

📍[9:09]The Sales Process starts with your mindset.... If you can convince (brain wsh) yourself that your clients need your product & service... From YOU... TODAY! 

📍[11:01]How does Ryan get into his zen zone?

📍[11:37]He's not selling anyone anything. You're an advisor helping others.

📍[11:53]"Don't let grandma die." Ryan Lee

📍[13:01]Tell them a high price up front so that it can marinate and they can talk about it. Then when you go in with a lower price they'll have sticker relief as opposed to shock.

📍[13:29]What's your average job? What's your minimum job?

📍[13:49]"This is NOT an average job. This is a BADASS property."

📍[15:05]Build a better system with how to make the ask and sale... To maintain the positive customer experience.

📍[20:17]Minimum Job = $2,500 and would take 2 people a half day

📍[21:05]Average Job = $7,500 and would be done in one day by 2 people.

📍[24:53]He was working insane hours to make $100k, and it was really hurting his family life.

📍[30:05]"Let it go, let it go"

📍[30:21]delegate, delegate, delegate....

📍[31:25]First hire should be a technician. Second hire should be someone to answer the phones.

📍[32:09]Ryan lost lots and lots of money by not answering his phones...

📍[34:45]Ryan is not teaching you how to start a new business. He's going to help you add this offering to your current business. And he'll show you the way.

📍[35:53]Call, Email & Send a Letter - the system telling them about the brand new service...

📍[36:37]Majority of Ryan's team are owner operators who are hoping to get out of the business.

📍[38:45]Ryan helps you double your profits so that you can find freedom in your business....

📍[40:21]Stay out of the victim mentality... There are still GOOD people out there looking for YOUR job.

📍[44:09]Who has held on to an employee too long - then let them go and felt happier?

📍[48:25]RYAN LEE


📍[50:41]Marketing Homework: What is your conversion rate by service offering?

📍[53:09]Finance Homework: What is your labor rate by services you offer

📍[53:21]System Homework: Be like Paul!

📍[53:53]People Homework: Fire your toxic employee... If you've not been documenting - you need to document!

📍[55:53]Ryan Homework: You can raise your price by 10% and lose 20% of your client base and you'll end up in the same place.

📍[57:29]"If you won't raise your prices 10%... I'm not going to inspire you - give up!" Ryan Lee

"Quote of the day"

Change your language, change your mindset, change your actions, change your life

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