4-26-22 FC4B with Diana Henley

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Diana is the founder of Naturalcare Cleaning Service and Naturalcare Pest Control. They currently have a team of 35 technicians that service is the Houston, Texas area. Family operated, Diana has worked with her husband Chad and her daughter Candice since she started the company. Her passion for helping people grow and employee engagement has helped her keep Naturalcare overstaffed when hiring can be a struggle.

Time Stamps:

📍[4:01]Marketing to internal employees

📍[5:49]Adopting friend's ad copy & titles to create more compelling job listings

📍[7:01]Diana spends a lot of time filtering & engaging applicants and in turn has a high show up rate for her ads

📍[8:41]Using your client list to help recruit new staff

📍[10:01]Sell yourself first in the ad!

📍[15:13]Her "newest" admin has been with her company over 2 years.

📍[15:45]She's built an internal culture in her office.

📍[16:45]She has a weekly meeting around numbers

📍[17:53]Office Admin self reporting is crucial

📍[21:25]Scheduler: Client Count, Gains, Losses, Available Hours, Capacity & Efficiency

📍[23:37]Office Manager: Productivity - Labor Rate, Did they get the job done on time, Percentage Pay + Bonuses,

📍[24:05]Hiring Manager: Applications, Interviews, No shows, Job Offers

📍[25:33]Sales Person: Leads, Gains, Losses, Total Sales, Conversion Rate, Website leads, one time sign ups, recurring sign ups, client acquisition costs

📍[26:53]Your office buys you freedom from your business.

📍[27:53]You need to be able to communicate with your staff in order for it to be a mutually beneficial relationship

📍[30:53]Diana's applicant process: See indeed ad - go to website - fill out application - this puts them in keap (formerly infusionsoft) - diana starts an automated text campaign that sends them a video - if they watch the video send instructions to schedule an interview - if they don't watch video send a video asking how they're doing - a couple more automated reach outs until the applicant says please go away

📍[31:21]Diana is consistently nurturing her recruiting system

📍[32:09]She's a data nerd who goes back to see how or why she recruits bad eggs...

📍[32:45]She uses a jotform for her interview questions/replies...

📍[35:05]She's "hacked" Keap to be her applicant tracking system...

📍[37:05]Diana's favorite interview question: Have you ever tried to go to work and your car wouldn't start? What did you do in that situation?

📍[39:21]Diana sends a video but gets the most engagement when she asks "did you watch the video?"

📍[40:13]By talking about payroll first in her recruiting process the applicants realize how transparent & trustworthy her company is...

📍[41:05]Communication can be very hard for some people.... How did Diana improve her communication & transparency. She logs every conversation with staff.

📍[41:53]"What did you hear?"

📍[42:25]They explain payroll with their company 3 times... At recruiting, at hire & on first pay day.

📍[44:25]Her office staff is just starting to get on board with flexibility for the staff schedule...

📍[45:09]Diana identifies a problem and then back tracks to where she failed to address the company!

📍[46:13]People quit all the time because they're not making enough money and it's so unfortunate because they have lots of opportunities to make more money they just didn't understand it. We need to do a better job explaining our pay and their money.

📍[46:41]Fact finding conversations are not bad. They are essential.

📍[48:21]They haven't had a no call, no show in 18 months

📍[49:57]"Listen, if you decide this job is not for you... We absolutely understand. Some people love it, some hate it. Where we have a problem is when people ghost us, because we want to know that you're ok."

📍[50:33]Don't stick out this job just to stick it out...because you'll be unhappy and that will show up in your work.

📍[51:45]Join our accountability group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/212495929980533

📍[53:21]Marketing Homework: How are you selling your company in your recruiting ad?

📍[54:13]Finance Homework: Choose 5 accountabilities for your office team and have a weekly meeting

📍[54:29]Systems Homework: Look at jotform to keep track of interview responses

📍[55:13]People Homework: Think of one thing you have staff quit over and backtrack to think about how have you educated them about that practice. Could you get more flexible?

📍[56:21]Diana Homework: Examine your commitment to recruiting. Do you run fresh ads? Do you interview every week? How much time are you spending on hiring? It has to be a high priority are you making it one?!

📍[57:41]Best way to get ahold of Diana: [email protected] or on Facebook find Diana Henley

📍[58:41]"My office team makes my life possible" Diana Henley

"Quote of the week"

my office team makes my life possible'.

-Diana Henley


Diana Henley: [email protected] , Facebook find Diana Henley

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