5-03-22 FC4B with Ryan Kettering

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If you've ever wondered about the power of your brand, and what it can do for your business, join us on Fight Club tomorrow with Ryan Kettering - one of the best in the business. He will walk us thru how branding can impact your marketing, finance, systems and people! Don't miss this one!


Time Stamps:

📍[4:41]Marketing: Where & how to get started with branding...

📍[6:13] "There's no bad time to move in the right direction"

📍[8:01]Your brand is the way you communicate your business to the outside world.

📍[10:41]Your brand should be an authentic reflection of who you are as a business.

📍[11:41]Understanding of company core belief, who you are & fits in the market

📍[13:17]Your marketing should be a reflection of what you stand for as a company

📍[13:49]What does the process look like for a rebranding?

📍[14:29]Roll outs of a new brand can be as fast or as slow as what works for you...

📍[15:33]What is your company's ONE core belief?

📍[18:45]All value is perceived value

📍[21:05]A strong brand can directly add to your bottom line

📍[23:41]You will likely get more runway out of your brand once you have clarity as a company

📍[24:49]Last touch attribution is tricky... They'll likely see your brand dozens of times before they google you so how do you know where the lead came from?

📍[25:49]You can pull the brand lever and all things can really improve in your company

📍[30:21]Your brand has to stem from one thing...

📍[31:29]If this isn't worth $100k to you - don't do it...

📍[33:05]Nationwide study of 50k impressions per vehicle per day

📍[35:09]Is your brand part of the system of your business?

📍[36:49]Your brand is a communication system in your company...

📍[37:57]You need to have a brand that someone would want to work for.

📍[38:41]More visibility is always a good thing.

📍[40:33]Your brand can become a rally point for your staff

📍[42:29]The psychology of branding..

📍[43:53]Ryan is not going to tell you anything you don't know... He's going to be a mirror.

📍[44:49]Your mission is what you stand to accomplish in the world, your vision is how you plan to get there....

📍[46:09]You are not your work. You can change things right now...

📍[47:01]How can you be more of who you are?

📍[48:37]It's a process to define who you are, who you're not, and what you stand for. Once you figure that out - you're ready to rebrand and amplify who you are...

📍[50:01]Systematic choices of how you will represent your company

📍[50:45]If you do things sometimes, you will never do them when you're busy...

📍[52:21]Homework: Join our accountability group -https://www.facebook.com/groups/212495929980533

📍[58:05]Do a "brand" audit... How do you look? How are your work vehicles representing you? What do your uniforms represent? Is your image consistent? How does your image make your team feel?

📍[1:00:29]Grab Ryan's Brand Strategy Guide & Checklist from his website: https://prolificbranddesign.com/


"Quote of the day"

Clarity affords focus -Thomas Leonard


Ryan Kettering: https://prolificbranddesign.com/ , https://verticaltrack.com/

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