10-25-21 FC4B with Michael Draper

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 Safety Talk with Michael Draper

Join us for this week's of Fight Club 4 Business talking all things safety in the workplace...

Michael Draper, has spent the last 25 years in and around the window cleaning and pressure washing industries. He has owned a successful company in Central IL that provided window cleaning and pressure washing services in the areas of store front, residential, mid-rise and high rise buildings. He has been heavily involved with the IWCA for many of those years even serving on the board of directors for a brief time and being certified by the IWCA as a Rope Descent Specialist. Michael also worked for a safety distributor helping companies not only select but also train employees on the proper use of safety equipment. Recently, he is an authorized anchor inspector and authorized trainer for several fall protection manufacturers as well as an approved trainer of the IWCA. Michael also serves as the Director of Education and Compliance for the PWNA.


Time Stamps:

 📍[5:23]Marketing: How to talk about the importance of safety publicly?

 📍[5:52] "No one leaves their house in the morning saying.... I think today is a good day for an accident." Michael Draper

 📍[8:17]Get you Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) done during the bidding and present it with the estimate and it will help as a safety tool

 📍[9:16]Marketing: Embedding safety in your sales process as a differentiator doesn't have to be time consuming. Most of the job hazards repeat.

 📍[9:52]Mike can do a JJ in less than a minute...

 📍[11:46]Being an OSHA compliant company is a great differentiator when it comes to sales and can easily increase your average ticket with a few little tweaks...

 📍[13:35]Check out NiceJob: https://get.nicejob.com/

 📍[13:47]Coupon Code FC4B for $50 off

 📍[19:03]Making safety easy to implement in your business as a system

 📍[19:45]Business owner's don't want tasks. They want ready-made safety training. Look for a pre-built safety program if that's you.


 📍[27:58]How & why did you decide to create an app?

 📍[29:29]In the Mobile Service world... 1-2 people in a vehicle working at different job sites which it makes it harder to implement & enforce safety... The app makes it easier to control the safety programming.

 📍[30:28]Do you have a system for pre-safety inspections (vehicle, equipment, ladders, etc)

 📍[33:09]5 Pillars of Safety

 📍[34:27] 6 Pillars of Safety: 1. The Safety Manual 2. Online Training 3. JHA 4. Weekly Safety Meetings 5. PreWork Inspections 6. Safety Enforcement

 📍[37:28]Company Culture of having your head in the sand as opposed to enforcement

 📍[38:09]"You have a responsibility as an employer to keep your employees safe" Mike Draper

 📍[40:35]How are you incentivizing your employees to be safer and engage in your safety culture

 📍[43:00]Identifying & Fixing Victim Mentality within your team by holding them accountable with consequences & rewards

 📍[44:38]"Creating an overall message that we "care about you," "we need you," your life is important to us"

 📍[47:00]Culture: You can build a career ladder that incorporates safety


 📍[53:58]Marketing Homework: Start talking about your safety systems in your marketing & sales

 📍[56:49]Finance Homework: What's the cost of safety in your company? What's the time cost saving to being proactively safe?

 📍[57:48]Systems Homework: Check out Michael's Expert Safety Program https://expertsafetyservices.com/

 📍[58:41]People Homework: Look at your career ladder - do you have safety requirements included in the career path with data driven requirements...

 📍[59:25]Mike's homework: Go to https://expertsafetyservices.com/ and "Become a Safety Advocate" to get a free 7 day trial.... Create and download a FREE safety manual!

 📍[1:02:11]IWCA convention: https://www.iwca.org/early-early-bird-open-for-the-2022.../


"Quote of the day"

Safety isn't expensive, its priceless.
-Jerry Smith.


Check out NiceJobNiceJob

Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR)


Michael Draper: https://expertsafetyservices.com/ , IWCA convention: https://www.iwca.org/early-early-bird-open-for-the-2022.../ , https://www.eventbrite.ca/.../service-business-meetup...

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