6-14-22 FC4B with Al Levi

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Al Levi, “The 7-Power Contractor,” is a success story like no other. After retiringfrom his family contracting business at age 48, Al began sharing his 7-Powersystem with other contractors throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia so they could learn to run their businesses with less stress and more success. His work has impacted numerous contractors across a dozen industries. His focus now is on putting his thinking online through The 7-Power Contractor Signature Operating Manuals System and Signature Staffing System, and his book The 7-Power Contractor.


Time Stamps:

📍[16:21]Grab your "Cawfee" and join Al.... he's already covered Marketing...now let's tackle money! "Where did the money go?"


📍[22:01]Right Customer, Right Call, Right Time!

📍[26:57]Financial Manager & Marketing Manager are the two roles that should never be delegated...

📍[29:01]List out your org chart and document 80% of the responsibilities for each box in the chart

📍[29:45]1. Planning power.... Working on the right thing at the right time

📍[30:17] 2. Operating Power.... Working through the Org Chart

📍[ 31:13] 3. Staffing Power.... strength of the company is the bottom of the org chart

📍[33:01]Managers responsibility is to help their reports meet their accountabilities once they do then they can work on their own box accountabilities...

📍[33:49]4. Sales Power

📍[33:57]5. Marketing Power

📍[34:17]6. Reward Power - What's in it for me?!

📍[35:13]If you bring me $1 more than I need - I'll be generous with that $1 - if you bring me less than $1 than I need - I'll coach you, but only for so long..

📍[36:05]7. Leadership Power

📍[37:09]Check out Al's book the 7 Power Contractor 7powercontractor

📍[37:49]Traction.... Traction-book

📍[38:29]"What's in it for them" should be all over your job ad....

📍[39:01]Don't promise them a job, promise them a career...

📍[39:13]And then deliver

📍[39:29]Look for willing apprentices that are hungry to learn...

📍[42:41]Raise the Bar - you'll be surprised with what you get...

📍[44:37]Check out Al Levi & Tommy Mello's most recent podcast --> https://www.facebook.com/giannipeppe/videos/444960747441643

📍[45:09]"What's in it for me/them?"

📍[46:01]It has to be good for the customer, so it can be good for the company, so it can be good for the staff, so that it will be good for you the owner....

📍[50:05]Join our facebook group to get help on your homework --> fightclub4business

📍[50:53]Marketing Homework: Are you getting the right # of calls from the right customers at the right time? Review the last 90 days

📍[52:13]Finance Homework: Read "Where did the money go" by Ellen Rohr

📍[52:57]System Homework - check out al's website 7powercontractor

📍[53:25]People Homework - check out the sales process of your recruiting system

📍[56:29]Al Homework: Planning Power - working on the right thing at the right time (write down all of the great ideas - fix the biggest problem/challenge or most likely to grow and generate profits in your business) , filter it down to get to 30, then get to your top 5, and commit to working on your top 5 every single week

📍[57:13]When you act like you're going to be in business for a while, your business decisions will be easier.

Quote of the week

"Act Like you're going to be in business awhile... Business decisions get easier". - Irving Levi

Al Levi: 7powercontractor

Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing

Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting Company Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters

Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers

Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance ExpertQuality Driven Software & Dusting Divas

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