6-14-22 FC4B with Jake Taylor

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What was started as a side business after Jake was let go from his employer, quickly became something more than just a way to feed his family, but a way to provide for his family and the team that would later come. With a background of logistics from the United States Army Reserves, and in economics and entrepreneurship, Curb Appeal started growing from a seasonal business to a year around opportunity. Our unique strategy for hiring and training was to help young entrepreneurs in home services by showing them hands on training on customers service, operations, and business principles to run their own future business while paying them an above average pay for their immediate needs. Some of those early employees later became a CPA, Graphic designer, an Attorney, 4 Washburn University graduates, and one to start and operate a full-time window cleaning business called CleanCo.

Time Stamps :

📍[3:45]Marketing: Why Jake showcases his team and family in his marketing...

📍[5:41]Marketing: He treats his team like his family. They have fun and good food (hot pockets and ice cream sandwiches are a hit right now)

📍[7:01]Good reminder.... "If an employee won't have a beer with you, they won't die for you." By die for you replace work hard with you...

📍[8:25]Fun annual cultural event for Curb Appeal.... Burgers & Pools

📍[10:21]The power of "Best of" competitions... How Jake uses his the "best of" to communicate & provide value to his clients...

📍[17:57]Jake's career ladder, celebrate their wins, show them that they're valued, help them with savings goals...

📍[20:33]Bonus Pool

📍[21:25]Why Jake considered adding weekend shifts to tailor his company to cater to college students. They actually have a 24/7 schedule...

📍[23:57]A call tree - who to call if there's a problem...

📍[24:41]Creating a knowledge base in their training center for what ifs.....

📍[26:25]What is Jake using for his training system?

📍[28:33]Jake built his training videos simply with iphones... He has learned to talk louder to battle background noise...

📍[29:17]Simple troubleshooting videos & how to back in & out of the shed

📍[29:57]He stores his LMS privately on his squarespace built website + quizzes

📍[32:09]Wash on Video: Wash On! ( Video )

📍[32:45]Assume that people want to do their best - if they miss the mark look at your training and where you failed...

📍[33:01]Take them out for a burger and ask them how they're doing...

📍[33:29]Default to Human...

📍[34:37]Multiple streams of income from a diverse service offering

📍[34:57]Residential gets the most web traffic but only accounts for 15% of income

📍[35:25]21% of Jake's YTD sales comes from parks & playgrounds...


📍[36:25]25% of income comes from fleet washing to have year-round work... remaining 40% comes from commercial recurring work

📍[37:37]Jake's "sales stew:" 21% parks & playgrounds, 25% fleet washing, 15% residential cleaning, 39% commercial & other

📍[38:25]Jake loves christmas but hates ladders and the cold but tried it out the first year and his team (& clients) LOVED it!

📍[39:05]Adding a new service is rarely profitable the first year as you work out the kinks

📍[41:01]Jake was in youth ministry for 7 years and he brought that heart of service & ministry to his business...

📍[42:21]If you help other people get what they want, you'll get what you want...

📍[43:21]Marketing Homework: Showcase your team

📍[45:53]Find out your teammates financial goals and spend some time helping them reach those...

📍[46:17]Calendar some one-on-one time with your team - to help them get to where they want to go

📍[48:05]Spring time is busy for a lot of industries. Set aside some time for a team day - let them enjoy each other

📍[48:29]Join our accountability group: Fight Club 4 Business

📍[48:53]Reach out to Jake at [email protected]

"Quote of the week"

"You can have everything in life that you want, if you just help enough people in your life get what you want." Zig Ziglar


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