6-21-22 FC4B with Justin Woodford

podcast Jun 27, 2022

After starting Two Brothers Painting with his brother Dan in 2008, Justin has continued down an entrepreneurial path with his landscaping company 855RILAWNS, his property management business, Yorktown Realty, and most recently, his consulting business, Ready Business Systems. With a background in electrical engineering, Justin's highly refined work habits, systems, and processes have enabled him to step away from the day to day and remotely monitor and optimize his businesses. Ready Business Systems specializes in Service Autopilot and Automations set up, training, and optimization to help organizations operate efficiently to free the owners time and get their businesses to work for them. In addition, Ready Business systems provides clients with templates and other pre-built systems and subscriptions not provided by Service Autopilot to help business owners get out and build the business of their dreams, such as SendJim, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, and Blogging services.

Time Stamps:

📍[3:41]Good job, David!

📍[7:49]Justin went from using Google sheets on Palm Pilots to really digging into Service Autopilot automations

📍[8:43]Shout out to SendJim sendjim - signup

📍[9:25]Justin loves Google Ads for marketing and says negative key words are essential

📍[10:21]If you can't stay on top of watching your costs on Google Ads, then hire someone to stay on top of the ads

📍[13:33]Justin tries to reserve SMS messages for things that are very helpful to the lead/client vs. spamming with sales messages

📍[14:57]Justin automates his trigger to SendJim for 5 arounds. So cool how automated that postcard campaign can be.

📍[16:49]Multiple touches, multiple methods for clients and leads. Love that he uses email, SMS, voicemail bombs, and postcards

📍[18:45]For his landscaping business, he also uses yard signs and Facebook to complete 7-8 modes of touches

📍[20:13]Favorite thing to automate: Estimate follow up. Must have to add value in the shortest amount of time.

📍[22:13]Heads Up: Justin uses SendJim for recruiting

📍[23:53]Job applicants: Same thing, you must have follow up, and using automated follow up is best (just like you do with a client lead)

Fight Club 4 Business

📍[25:05]Uses automations to filter applicants to qualify/disqualify

📍[26:29]Take all of your applicant leads and send them postcards with your job ads

📍[36:33]Facebook marketing and re-marketing has been the best recruiting source for Justin

Quote of the Week

"Automation is solving a problem once, then putting the solution on autopilot." -Michael Hyatt

Justin Woodford : Ready Business Systems

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