10-26-21 FC4B with Sara Thompson

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Sara Thompson owns phClean which has been in business for 15 years. They have two locations in central Iowa, and 60 Full time equivalent staff. phClean specializes in residential cleaning, with some university sorority cleaning and commercial as well. Kindness and Respect are their most important core values. Sara loves traveling in general, and getting together virtually and in person with other service business owners, who are like family to her now.

Time Stamps:


 📍[10:37]Marketing: The importance of branding (hear about how Sara chose her brand colors to make them unique)

 📍[11:27]Marketing: Why you might want to broaden your branding to open up to a wider community

 📍[16:16]Finances: She delegated Phones first

 📍[18:36]Finances: She delegated finances next and that was her favorite thing to delegate

 📍[19:46]Finances: She did an analysis of her market, and saw her growth slowing so she preemptively started looking at new locations

 📍[23:19]Finances: Budgeting for a new location - she set the profitability goals and it took 2 years to break even

 📍[26:21]Finances: She looks at 2 separate P&Ls each month to make sure she's got good data for each branch.

 📍[30:00] Finances: Her new branch is grossing nearly 2 million in less than 6 years

 📍[30:54]Finances: Check out the company that Sara used to help navigate new tax credit opportunities. https://www.hiretech.com/solutions/technical-tax-incentives

 📍[32:46]Systems: How Sara balances a balances between systems & people to continue curating an excellent customer experience

 📍[33:14]Systems: Sara has 1 FT Office person for every 100 recurring clients

 📍[34:14]Systems: Sara's CRM is Service Autopilot: https://www.serviceautopilot.com/

 📍[35:25]Systems: Sara uses Quality Driven to ensure her team's Quality... https://qualitydrivensoftware.com/

 📍[37:07]Systems: How/why phClean uses live chat on their website

 📍[37:44] People: What was the sweet spot when staffing got easier?

 📍[38:05]"There are always different kinds of hard." Sara Maria Thompson

 📍[39:26]People: What is your most successful program around people.

 📍[40:36] People: Promoting with "Trainer" title - as a career ladder elevation of status and an opportunity to earn more

 📍[44:33]People: Giving the trainers a different uniform to show the elevated status.

 📍[45:08]Check out NiceJob https://get.nicejob.com/

 📍[45:29]An awesome plug and play automated review system

 📍[46:10]https://get.nicejob.com/ Coupon Code FC4B for $50 off

 📍[47:44]People: Run a review contest with your staff to help encourage more reviews for your company and some more cash in your employee's pockets before the holidays...

 📍[49:33]Private Facebook Group for help and accountability with homework: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fightclub4business

 📍[51:32]Marketing Homework: Take a look at your branding

 📍[52:04]FInance Homework: Look at how your existing growth trajectory looking?

 📍[53:11]Systems Homework: What is your breakeven point for an office person

 📍[53:42]People Homework: Build a career ladder to give employees an opportunity to elevate their position within your company

 📍[54:29]Sara's Homework: Look at ways to pull yourself out of your business and more about your company as a whole

 📍[58:12]Quote of the Week: "Time isn't the main thing it's the only thing" Miles Davis

"Quote of the Week"

Time isn't the main thing. Its the only thing

- Miles Davis


Service Business Meetup

Quality Driven

HireTech ,

NiceJob ,

Sara Thompson - https://www.facebook.com/phClean  Sara Maria Thompson , https://www.serviceautopilot.com/ ,

Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing

Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting Company Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters

Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers

Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance ExpertQuality Driven Software & Dusting Divas


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