8-16-22 FC4B with Billy Cline

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Billy Cline is happily married to Jennifer Cline and the proud dad to 3 boys (2 of which work for him). He founded DFW Door Repair a family business in Dallas Texas in 2009. But didn't start getting serious working on the business and building himself up as a leader until about 3 years ago. Billy is a very competitive person and loves competing against himself in this business. When he's not at work or with his family, Billy loves the outdoors, and especially enjoys fishing.


Time Stamp:

📍[4:05]Marketing: How did Billy niche down to doors only?

📍[5:37]How he filled the hole/gap in his market...

📍[6:37]Billy is getting most of his leads from AdWords... He started doing it himself (when it was easier back in 2009).

📍[8:25]How he moved away from home depot installs to doors only.

📍[9:29]Future of DFW marketing for sustained growth... He says be careful not to outrun his cash flow.

📍[13:17]How much to spend on marketing?

📍[13:41]He's a bit nervous because he's married to AdWords

📍[13:45]They spend about 5% on marketing...

📍[17:29]Vertical Track was his 2nd or 3rd event ever... He thought it was going to be like the podcast but the networking aspect was worth the price of admission...

📍[19:45]He went home and figured out his overhead and cost of goods sold numbers. He went into Service Titan and did a 40% increase apply to all

📍[22:53]Biggest sales months back to back...

📍[23:17]May was barely breakeven. June was 32% net profit

📍[27:29]How Billy changed his mindset around money...

📍[29:21]How he changed his negative story from the negative self-talk... That costs too much, that will never work, the government did this...

📍[29:53]He made a conscious decision that he wanted to build wealth and his business is his vehicle to do that...

📍[30:17]Build your circle with people who are going or have been where you want to go...

📍[30:37]You are your own speed bumps and road blocks...

📍[34:49]Get out of your own way...

📍[35:21]How has Billy worked on evolving his mindset?

📍[38:29]How he does estimates from the office not spending all his time out in the field...

📍[40:01]The customer just wants to know... "How much is it going to cost?" Why do you make that hard for them to know?


📍[42:25]His first 3 months he wanted to throw it in the parking lot and set it on fire, it's not intuitive but worth the work...

📍[43:57]How does he get to 6 million in 2023?

📍[44:57]How he put an operations manager in his business...


📍[46:49]He searched indeed for an implementor...

📍[47:49]And found one! 

📍[49:41]Billy's BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) - 10 Million in sales/year, in 5 years of less. He needs 45 people to do that and he's going to need leaders in his company to do that.

📍[49:57]So he started a leadership book club for his leadership team.

📍[52:57]Do you have a marketing calendar?

📍[55:37]know your costs, raise your prices and get brave

📍[55:53]Think about how you sell to millenials?

📍[56:05]Billy's homework: Change your circle...

📍[56:49]Find someone who believes in you and will encourage you...


📍[58:45][email protected]

Quote of the week

“A business, successful or not, is merely a reflection of the character of its leadership.”

— S. Truett Cathy


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