8-9-22 FC4B with Mike Dahlke

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Mike Dahlke is a serial entrepreneur, investor, business turnaround specialist and business coach. After attending the Global Christian Leadership Summit in 2011, he felt a calling to leave the financial world and jump into entrepreneurship. His current focus is on both home service companies and business turnaround situations where strategy and capital are required.

He's passionate about helping distressed companies navigate large, but solvable problems with leadership, strategy and capital. He loves spending time with his wife, two boys, hunting and talking all things business.

Time Stamps :

📍[4:53]Marketing: Finding motivation to market your company...

📍[5:29]Leads are down in all businesses countrywide...

📍[6:01]While some are pulling back on marketing - Mike is going all in because everything is cheaper....

📍[6:37]When client acquisition costs go down - ROI goes up....

📍[7:57]Mike increases communications to existing clients...

📍[8:49]He's continuing radio spending, testing TV ads, influencer marketing, geo-tagging, etc...

📍[10:29]How would a home service company find an influencer?

📍[10:45]He's tried macaroni kids influencers...

📍[11:13]The influencers like trades... We'll provide this service in exchange for an ad...

📍[13:57]Bobby Walker as an influencer...

📍[30:17]The Good Shepard Parable for leaderships

📍[31:21]As a leader you have to provide the basics like Water (they have to earn a living wage)

📍[31:37]Food for Growth - you have to invest in them

📍[32:05]Protection they have to trust that you'll protect them from the wolves

📍[33:49]And looking for parasites - this is a hard one... You have to stay vigilant and keep looking for potential problems within the company/flock

📍[34:21]PDP - personal development plan LDP - leadership development plan EDP - executive development plan

📍[35:01]All of them have a reading list, a travel challenge and growth opportunities....

📍[35:33]Interview Question: What do you feel like if you work here that you're entitled to?

📍[36:17]You owe them a company that is healthy and vibrant. We owe you opportunities to grow. But we don't owe you a job

📍[36:53]I am a plow horse, not a show horse...

📍[38:21]How does Mike build so many successful leaders?

📍[39:01]How to set clear expectations and then hold people accountable...

📍[39:33]He sets up regular KRAs (key results areas)

📍[40:01]Those KRAs are tied directly to the P&L

📍[40:57]Green Light = Good

📍[41:09]Yellow Light = You're not hitting your goals - so having a conversation as to why?

📍[41:17]Red Light = we're having a hard conversation to get you back on track over a short timeline

📍[41:45]Wise people say thank you when you give feedback

📍[42:33]Foolish people have excuses when you give feedback. They're victims.

📍[42:49]Evil people are not correctable

📍[45:53]It's all about communication and conversations...

📍[46:33]Mike's job as a leader is to have the tough conversations...

📍[47:29]If you're having a hard time visualizing where your staff are in their performance correction plans... Check out Quality Driven Software with their built in HR modules. https://qualitydrivensoftware.com/pricing/


📍[52:49]Chipping away at the giant rock of your business is like carving a Michelangelo...

📍[53:21]Marketing Homework: Look for an influencer in your community to help you reach more of your ideal clients

📍[54:25]Finance Homework: What are your Impact Filters?


📍[55:41]Systems Homework: Go to the Fight Club group and check out the leadership tools from Mike

📍[56:41]People Homework: If you're "wishing" a team member would do something.... Stop and think - have you made it clear? And have gotten the expectations out of your head and had the hard conversation

📍[57:49]Make a list of the frustrating & annoying things in your business and either delegate or delete them...

📍[58:05]Reach out to Mike [email protected]

Quote of the week

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.” — John C. Maxwell


Mike Dahlke: https://www.strategiccoach.com/

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