1-10-23 FC4B with Jonas Olsen

podcast Jan 17, 2023

We're going Live with Jonas Olson. The 2022 Biggest Badass Winner. Jonas is also the Owner/ President at Turf Badger and Owner and Founder at Olson's Pest Control.


Time Stamps:

πŸ“Œ[7:24]Barry plans early and often - so in Q4 he knew exactly how many leads he was going for in Q1

πŸ“Œ[7:50]How Barry got into multi-year commercial contracts

πŸ“Œ[8:17]How Barry makes business decisions based on his company values...

πŸ“Œ[9:57]Check out Barry's core values....

πŸ“Œ[24:25]Barry Starts with the budget and specifically with the breakeven point

πŸ“Œ[24:30]For Planning - start with the budget, figure out your breakeven point, look at your pricing, indicates gross profit, then they build a leads plan for a revenue plan, once they have the budget they build out the strategic plan for the year...

πŸ“Œ[27:23]Biggest Takeaways from BTA Winter Summit...

πŸ“Œ[27:33]Rename to Breakthrough Session...

πŸ“Œ[28:27]How to Uplevel your team?

πŸ“Œ[30:57]Employee Development Plan... The goal of the end of the plan is to have a one page plan - own personal mission & vision, values, BHAG, 5-year goals, career alignment, etc...

πŸ“Œ[32:19]Myofficeoutfitter - Orlando

πŸ“Œ[33:32]Barry grew up with the values of not having a negative contribution to the landfill...

πŸ“Œ[34:35]Barry runs his business by "Doing the Right Thing" to Recycle

πŸ“Œ[36:33]How Barry fills buckets on his team

πŸ“Œ[36:42]We would love to have you stop by Kristina an meet all the new campers!!

πŸ“Œ[38:39]Painted Picture - annual plan, quarterly, and bi-weekly goal setting & review meetings.. While it's a system, they add in touch feely questions - like "how are you really feeling?"

πŸ“Œ[41:57]If you lack empathy... You can't be a good leader

πŸ“Œ[42:52]Alignment of when you help people win, you win....

πŸ“Œ[50:51]Marketing Homework: Print out your Core Values

πŸ“Œ[51:08]Finance Homework: What's your painted Picture?

πŸ“Œ[51:21]Systems Homework: Fill out your one-page miracle

πŸ“Œ[52:13]People Homework: What all do you do for your employees? What is relationship building vs transactional? Shoot for 50/50....

πŸ“Œ[53:26]Barry Homework: How do you implement an employee development plan? A one-page plan for each employee brings a new energy to the office

πŸ“Œ[54:27]Personality Style Indicator: Personal-style-indicator/

πŸ“Œ[55:57]How to get ahold of Barry? Find him on Barry Hartman with 505-Junk


⭐Quote of the Week⭐

"Business has a responsibility to give back to the community." - Ben Cohen

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