1-17-23 FC4B with Barry Hartman

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Barry Hartman Former professional snowboarder (and new bestie to Meaghan Likes) Barry Hartman is the co-founder of 505-Junk. Starting out of his parent’s basement in 2011. Barry and his partners have grown 505-Junk to nearly 4 Million in revenue while maintaining some pretty inspiring philanthropic priorities and work-life balance. “Our biggest success has been growing 505-Junk into a systemized self-sustaining organization that is capable of employing great people,” says Barry. “It keeps everyone motivated, disciplined and eager to help our clients. Having our employees tell us that they love their job and hearing from our clients that love our staff, means everything to me!”


Time Stamps:

📌[7:24]Barry plans early and often - so in Q4 he knew exactly how many leads he was going for in Q1

📌[7:50]How Barry got into multi-year commercial contracts

📌[8:17]How Barry makes business decisions based on his company values...

📌[9:57]Check out Barry's core values....

📌[24:25]Barry Starts with the budget and specifically with the breakeven point

📌[24:30]For Planning - start with the budget, figure out your breakeven point, look at your pricing, indicates gross profit, then they build a leads plan for a revenue plan, once they have the budget they build out the strategic plan for the year...

📌[27:23]Biggest Takeaways from BTA Winter Summit...

📌[27:33]Rename to Breakthrough Session...

📌[28:27]How to Uplevel your team?

📌[30:57]Employee Development Plan... The goal of the end of the plan is to have a one page plan - own personal mission & vision, values, BHAG, 5-year goals, career alignment, etc...

📌[32:19]Myofficeoutfitter - Orlando

📌[33:32]Barry grew up with the values of not having a negative contribution to the landfill...

📌[34:35]Barry runs his business by "Doing the Right Thing" to Recycle

📌[36:33]How Barry fills buckets on his team

📌[36:42]We would love to have you stop by Kristina an meet all the new campers!!

📌[38:39]Painted Picture - annual plan, quarterly, and bi-weekly goal setting & review meetings.. While it's a system, they add in touch feely questions - like "how are you really feeling?"

📌[41:57]If you lack empathy... You can't be a good leader

📌[42:52]Alignment of when you help people win, you win....

📌[50:51]Marketing Homework: Print out your Core Values

📌[51:08]Finance Homework: What's your painted Picture?

📌[51:21]Systems Homework: Fill out your one-page miracle

📌[52:13]People Homework: What all do you do for your employees? What is relationship building vs transactional? Shoot for 50/50....

📌[53:26]Barry Homework: How do you implement an employee development plan? A one-page plan for each employee brings a new energy to the office

📌[54:27]Personality Style Indicator: personal-style-indicator

📌[55:57]How to get ahold of Barry? Find him on Barry Hartman with 505-Junk

📌[56:45]Myofficeoutfitter - Orlando

⭐Quote of the Week⭐

"Business has a responsibility to give back to the community." - Ben Cohen

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