2-14-23 FC4B with Andrew Miller

podcast Feb 20, 2023

Andrew Miller is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He is the co-founder of Service Ally, a done-for-you program designed to help home service businesses build recurring revenue. In addition, Andrew is also the founder of Blue Renegade, a no-code development agency that specializes in integrating and automating small business tech stacks while also building MVPs for startups. Andrew's passion for helping others create meaningful and automated systems is rooted in his belief that it can lead to more fulfilling and impactful lives. He is particularly interested in experimenting with A.I. tools, and is always eager to learn about new technologies and their potential applications. When he is not working, Andrew enjoys hiking in the Pacific Northwest, playing board games, and reading.

Time Stamps:

πŸ“Œ[7:31] Marketing: How to Market Recurring Service?

πŸ“Œ[9:12]For Recurring Revenue - Keep it simple and make it easy to operate & automate on the backend...

πŸ“Œ[9:48]Plug for our favorite sales system software --> Responsibid

πŸ“Œ[12:13]How to keep the marketing pushes simple and consistent.... 15-20 touch points pushing the membership

πŸ“Œ[13:15]How to simplify the terms of recurring service....

πŸ“Œ[15:32]What are the benefits of the program? What are the highlights?

πŸ“Œ[18:44]Why chasing recurring revenue is so important...

πŸ“Œ[19:10]We focus so much on chasing new customers and now are focusing on keeping them...

πŸ“Œ[21:43]The power of predictable revenue!

πŸ“Œ[24:54]Your selling goodwill when you think about a membership

πŸ“Œ[25:44]Keep it simple, keep it customer focused

πŸ“Œ[29:25]A system that runs on auto-pilot but also transforms our lives...

πŸ“Œ[29:48] What is the human components of membership programs...

πŸ“Œ[30:19]An automation should not take away from the human experience



πŸ“Œ[39:08]sup homie... we miss your face!

πŸ“Œ[39:53]All of the options available for using AI in your business

πŸ“Œ[40:08]A chat bot in the recruiting system...

πŸ“Œ[40:18]A chat bot in the training program

πŸ“Œ[41:17]Writing out a job listing, job description, assessment test, etc...


πŸ“Œ[42:07]What happens when you shift your focus to employee retention?

πŸ“Œ[43:17]Surveying customers & employees....

πŸ“Œ[43:43] When was the last time you asked your customers what do you want?

πŸ“Œ[47:43]For companies with less than 25 employees Martha prefers to survey employees in person vs an automated survey

πŸ“Œ[53:13]How Andrew surveys himself... from -2 to 2...

πŸ“Œ[53:55]When you do a survey of -2 to 2... It takes the average of 6 or 7 out of it...

πŸ“Œ[56:25]Energy Management Hacks from Andrew Miller

πŸ“Œ[1:00:53]Finance Homework: Look at what your business is worth. What can you do today to change that number?

πŸ“Œ[1:03:01]Marketing Homework: What service do you currently have that you can turn into a Recurring Service

πŸ“Œ[1:03:26]Systems Homework: Look into Custom GPT

πŸ“Œ[1:05:11]People Homework: Add in automated reminders for one on ones with your employees. Mine were at the end of training, 1 mo, 3 mo, 6 mo and 12 mo

πŸ“Œ[1:05:26]Andrew's Homework: What do you want, where are you going, and how do you get there?

πŸ“Œ[1:06:07]Andrew's Homework: What do I want my business to look like when I sell?

πŸ“Œ[1:07:40]How to get in touch with Andrew: servicealley.io


⭐Quote of the Week⭐

Paradox of Automation: the more efficient the Automated system, the more crucial the contribution of the human operators of that system.

— Josh Kaufman

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