09-07-21 FC4B with Dan Dowdy: Let's talk Plumbing Industry

podcast Sep 21, 2021

Today we welcome Dan Dowdy..... the owner of Built For The Trades, Dan's team of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical industry experts has come together to help you reach your business goals and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of. We are proud to be tradesmen and women, we believe in hard work, we are committed to serving the members of our community, we are men and women of integrity, we hold ourselves accountable, and we always strive for progress.



Show Minute Markers:

[5:32] 📌 Where to start with Marketing?
[5:39] 📌 How to focus on retention?
[7:48] 📌 Dan's Top Marketing Tips: Email Marketing, Engaging on Social Media, Using stickers to remind your client's who their "guy/gal" is and what their phone number is...
[8:26] 📌 The value of the customer service phone call...
[11:55] 📌 They say timing is key... minimum emails 1x per month... Textmagic for seasonal communication.... Sendjim ties back into high quality touches with...
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08-31-21 FC4B with Ellen Rohr

podcast Sep 21, 2021
Ellen nearly sank her husband’s plumbing company after his partner died unexpectedly. Boy was she humbled! It seemed like lots of money was moving through the company, but at the end of the month there was never any money left.
In desperation, Ellen figured out how to make lots of money and turned the business around. She inspires thousands, in workshops, presentations and online, to make business un-complicated and live life un-leashed. Ellen is also a successful franchisor, helping launch a plumbing franchise to 47 locations and $40 million in sales in under 2 years.
Now, she is the CCO of ZOOM DRAIN Franchise Company, LLC. She is a columnist for Huffington Post, PHC News, Springfield Business Journal and an “in the trenches” contributor to many business and trade magazines. Ellen is a popular, high-energy TV Celebrity who has been on over 150 news programs, encouraging people to make their own money.

Show Minute Markers:

[10:06] 📌...
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08-24-21 FC4B with Lisa Myers-Botts

podcast Aug 31, 2021
Lisa's favorite part in the industry is -- “It is a different job every day. From keeping up with industry trends and products to figuring out why those critters are getting in, there is always something new to learn and discover.”
Quality service is important to Lisa Myers-Botts. It was top of mind for her 21 months ago, when she launched her own pest control company, Peacock Pest Prevention, in Tomball, Texas.
“Service is what I do, and I do it very well,” she says. “I want every client I have to feel our commitment to quality service. Starting my own company, with that commitment, was a logical next step.”
Myers-Botts follows advice from her first boss: Take care of your employees; your employees will take care of customers and your customers will take care of your bottom line. “I believe in that philosophy, and I want to continue to build my business on that model,” she says.

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08-20-21 FC4B with Brandon Vaughn live at The Huge Convention

podcast Aug 24, 2021

What's the Map to a Million???

For decades, Brandon Vaughn witnessed his own father’s drive and dedication to owning/operating a small cleaning business. For 33 years, his father ran his small business as a single employee. In 2012, his father was diagnosed with a serious illness that prevented him from performing the physical tasks required to keep the business running.

Brandon purchased the business with a promise to grow it in order to support his parents. In under 6 seasons, Brandon grew the business from zero to over 70 employees (hiring 25 employees in only 30 days), increasing revenues from $8k/mo to over $450k/mo. In 2017, he was awarded the S.B.A Small Business Person of the Year award for the state of Oregon.

Today, Brandon helps thousands of small business owners systemize and scale their companies through his company CONQUER®, which provides personalized mentorship and training programs for small business owners. Brandon has started a brand new service...

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08-10-21 FC4B with Cody McKinley

podcast Aug 17, 2021

Cody's passion for finely-crafted woodwork and attention to detail are what define him. HMCM-McKinley Construction Management is a satisfaction-driven, customer-obsessed craftsman committed to making your dream project a reality!

Several years ago, a passion for hand built wood creations, started me down the path of home remodeling and General Contractor in Frisco and Remodeling in The Colony. McKinley Construction Management was built on Quality, Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail. A love for Outdoor Kitchens and Pergolas, Stamped Concrete, and Remodeling in Frisco make McKinley Construction Management North Texas' premier Contractor company.

MCM-McKinley Construction Management was founded on the principles of Quality, Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail. They strive to bring our fun-loving, hard-working mindset to each of our projects, no matter how big or small. From Stamped Concrete Patios to Outdoor Kitchens and Pergolas, we believe it is our privilege to make your...

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08-03-21 FC4B with Lee Baker

podcast Aug 09, 2021

Lee has been in the construction industry since 1995. He specialized in residential remodeling and restoration of homes from fire and water. He founded Restoration With Design; Designing and building residential remodeling and restoration projects. Many of his existing clients would ask him about floor coatings for their garage floors.

One day, he and his wife visited the Remodeling and Deck Expo where he was introduced to the coatings industry. Shortly after, Lee and his wife became the dealers of the Dayton and Cincinnati area. This expansion created the rebranding of the floor coating portion of their business to Your1DayFloor.com.

Lee and his wife together have 5 children from 8 to 21 years old. They enjoy camping, swimming and just being together as a family. They attend Medway Church and enjoy meeting new people and entertaining friends and family. He has a great joy and passion for his craft and everything it has taught him over the years. It is his desire that you see that...

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07-27-21 FC4B with The Mike Michalowicz

podcast Aug 02, 2021

By his 35th birthday MIKE MICHALOWICZ (pronounced mi-‘kal-o-wits) had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became a small business angel investor…and proceeded to lose his entire fortune.

Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. Mike has devoted his life to the research and delivery of innovative, impactful entrepreneurial strategies to you. On mission to serve you, he has created perennially top selling books including: Profit First,The Pumpkin Plan, Clockwork, and Fix This Next.

In Get Different, Mike reinvents the way marketing is done. In it you will discover the most effective and radically simple marketing system in existence.

Told with the same humor and straight-talk that's gained Mike an army of ardent followers, with actionable insights drawn from stories of real life entrepreneurs, this book lays out a simple, doable system based on three...

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07-20-21 FC4B with Crystal Washington

podcast Jul 27, 2021

Meet Crystal! Crystal Washington works with organizations that want to leverage technology to increase profits and productivity.

Technology includes social media, apps, smartphones, and the web. Hired by companies including Google, Microsoft, and GE, companies in North America, Africa, and Europe book Crystal Washington when they want their teams to take action online!

Get Ready to Laugh… and Learn! Infusing humor, Crystal is known for her ability to take complex technology topics and make them easy to understand and accessible for everyday professionals and small business owners, across generations. Whether talking about her crazy technology missteps or how to combine online with offline customer interactions to build relationships, audiences relate to her practical, non-tech jargon approach to using tech to make us all more efficient, effective, and connected!

Show Minute Markers:

[4:12] 📍 Marketing: Strategy behind social media and sales....
[4:38] 📍...
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07-13-21 FC4B with Tim Brown

podcast Jul 19, 2021

Tim Brown is the CEO of Hook Agency, an SEO & Web Design firm that’s gone from 1 person to 14 in 2.5 years. Championing small businesses and helping them drive more traffic and leads – has led him to growing his team and learning to lead to be more useful. Content strategy, Persuasive web design, and actionable, pragmatic small business marketing are his biggest areas of expertise.

Show Minute Markers:

[4:58] 📌 Marketing: The riches are in the niches
[8:36] 📌 Marketing: Keyword Research
[12:03] 📌 Marketing: How to Systematize your content creation
[14:51] 📌 Marketing: What are the trends you're seeing in Marketing right now?
[22:18] 📌 Finances: What are the marketing basics?
[23:47] 📌 https://hookagency.com/social/
[30:15] 📌 Finances: Marketing is only as strong as Sales
[31:02] 📌 Finances: ROI on SEO
[35:57] 📌 Fundamentals = Write Content & write content for other people &...
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07-07-21 FC4B with Patrick & Shielagh Clark

podcast Jul 14, 2021

Where's Winston, the epic bus road trip with your family, and how your business killed it while you were on the road!

Patrick Clark started pressure washing in 2006. He converted to a safer method he has coined “Precision Cleaning” in 2008 after being convinced of its many benefits over the type of cleaning he was doing. He has since become a nationally recognized leader in the industry.

Patrick’s wife, Shielagh, manages most of the business side of things, and even his kids like to get in on the action. If you meet their 9-year-old son, the first and second questions he is likely to ask you are whether your roof needs to be cleaned and if you want his daddy’s phone number!


Patrick & Shielagh Clark with Precision Pro Wash  and Precision Pro Wash LLC (Facebook Page)
Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing
Meaghan Likes (Finances) with 
Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting...

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